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Sunday, January 30th, 20006:15 pm

.....not much to add........
been having strange dreams about Viktor again O_o
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Tuesday, January 25th, 20004:10 am
All I can say is that in the end...
The Liars and the Whores always get what they deserve >:)
this calls for a lil drink to savor the moment....^_~
Oh..and About My "secret Project" It wasn't ever submitted to the 'Big Kiss Page' 'cuz my angel wanted to keep it all to him self..
he's kinda selfish in a sense...btu It makes me love the big lug all the more :]
more later....
Ja ne!
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Friday, January 21st, 20002:01 pm
ugh.......did I fail to add that the little ho caused me to lose one of my best freinds, and Btw. I just lost my job. life couldn't get any better>
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1:54 pm
life is screwed..........damn that little whore
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5:06 am
5:07...am...no Entry in a few days...
cuz of my...�� secret project...
BUT! I have Finnaly (hehe can't spellO_o) Figuered out how to Kiss!!>_<
i am so ecstatic...
I'm going to submit my ste to da "big Kiss Page ">:]
I am so proud of my self....The set hasn't got any Fkiss effects.But i Made it..and I'm damned proud>_<
ohh...And I've been too busy being pissed at a little stank-whore that's been calling me 'bitch' behind my back....Unfortunately for her...she's stupid enuff to tell this to ppl that like me a whole hell of a lot��
she will be severely punished
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Monday, January 17th, 20003:28 am
3:28 am
another update online...
......all I'm gonna say is....
I bloody DID IT!!

>_<...that's it...more news later..*sobs*
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Sunday, January 16th, 200011:48 pm
well, I lied...I thought i'd be back inna short while..but i went out for..sushi and sake :p
I was going to werk on my "secret project" but instead i talked to a friend and heard about some HO named O..L..G..A..tht's been hitting on my sweety irl so I suddenly got inspired to make...
ugh...anger has always been my best source of inspiration��....*mutters* danged ho
Anyways, for those just lookin....I am a very foul temperd girlie :p My life can be summed up by 2 things...my Lover and my Art(well..my 6 year obsession for Vejita can count as#3 :�)
enuff for now....I gotta fix friggin clyde again!><
jaa ne!
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2:16 am
swaa...First entry. O_o
Well, i have nothing much to write now, seeing as how i just drug my self outta bed, except that I gotta fix my pictures....O_o Clyde got completely smeared off in my sleep.

I'll come back for another installment later, cuz I gotta secret project I'm working on it, and I'll post every time I faill^^

ja ne >;�
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